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Air Browser for the Blackberry Playbook Updated v1.24.1


Air Browser allow you to explore some of you file and folders on your Blackberry Playbook. With Air Browser the app allows the user Air Browser
to cut, copy, paste, file and folders. It also let’s users delete and rename files and folders. Air Browser let’s user compress and decompress in zip format right on your Playbook.

Air Browser is free and can be download in Blackberry Playbooks AppWorld. Download Air Browser Here


PageOnce Pro Free for a Limited Time

Free Super Search 2.0 for BlackBerry

supersearch Free Super Search 2.0 for BlackBerry
If you have BlackBerry 6 OS on your device then you’re no stranger to the Universal Search function. S4BB is shooting off emails letting users know to take advantage of Free Super Search 2.0 for BlackBerry. With Super Search not only can you search through the body of your device but also browse the entire worldwide web through your native Universal Search built onto BB6.

Super Search integrates with the BlackBerry 6′s internal universal search. You can even create your own search with just two clicks from within your browser. See in-app instructions on how to do that.


– Quick search by just start typing
– 8 pre-defined searches
– Add your own custom search (integrated into browser)

Pre-defined Searches:
– eBay
– Flickr
– Twitter
– Wikipedia
– Leo (English-German translation)
– Alibaba B2B Search
– Amazon
– Best Buy

Download here for free!

2.0 Free Super Search 2.0 for BlackBerry
source: Blackberryempire

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