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Pictures of a BlackBerry 9790? What is This Device?

BlackBerry Bold 9790 BlackBerry Bold 9790 - 4

Our friends from sent us some pictures of a BlackBerry 9790 which really has me scratching my head. According to the tipster this device is significantly faster and thinner than the current BlackBerry Bold 97XX series devices. It looks like it might simply be an upgrade to the BlackBerry Bold 9780 but that makes me wonder where the BlackBerry Bold 9900 stands. This is definitely not a 9900 though it could possibly be a prototype device but it looks like a revamped 9780.

So far we know this:

  • 8 GB internal memory OS 7
  • QWERTY / QWERTZ Keyboard
  • Touch Screen
  • NFC

Hopefully we will know more soon!

BlackBerry Bold 9790 - 2 BlackBerry Bold 9790 - 3


BlackBerry Bold 9900 Simulator Found Online

blackberry bold 9900 BlackBerry Bold 9900 Simulator Found Online

Weren’t at this past BlackBerry World, and looking to get your hands on the upcoming BlackBerry Bold 9900? The 9900 simulator has made its way to the interwebs by one of our followers (JmanF86) so you too can check it out and play around with a 9900 (kind of). Nothing entirely too special, but it gives you a nice idea of what OS 7 will be like, and the way the Bold 9900 functions. This could also be useful for any developers out there looking to check how their apps will run on a 9900. Or, just to mess around with if you’re bored this Memorial Day weekend.

Download Bold 9900 simulator from:

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*DISCLAIMER* – This is an unofficial RIM software release. If you choose to install, do so at your own risk! N4BB.COM is not responsible for any malfunctions or abnormalities that may occur.

source: N4BB

Video: BlackBerry Protect v1.1 from OS 7

BlackBerry Protect v1.1 from OS 7 from BBLeaks on Vimeo.

source: N4BB

Angry Farm v1.1.18 Now Saves Level Progress to SD Card

9800-slingback 9800-explode

Angry Farm got a small version bump and much needed feature over the long weekend. Smarter Apps updated the game to v1.1.18 which now saves your level progress in the game to your SD card. That means when you switch devices or reload your OS you can easily start up where you left off. A few apps and games have taken this approach but I really wish more would. Better yet would be RIM offering some way for developers to store some of your progress or app data under your BlackBerry ID in the cloud.


Smarter Apps has also fixed a bug with an invisible fox on Level 108 which made that level very difficult to clear. If you made it to level 108… :)

You can pick up Angry Farm in the store for $4.99 at this link. If you already own a license you can pick up the update in the store or App World based on where you got it from!

source: berryreview

BlackBerry Torch 2(9810) Caught on Video By: TechnoBuffalo

Untitled from Techno Buffalo on Vimeo.

Video: Blackberry Apollo (Curve) Caught on video

Leaked AT&T Roadmap Shows BlackBerry Torch 2 “Uwan” 9810 Launching in Q2


While this looks like an old roadmap from AT&T it still is a bit telling. This rumored roadmap shows a BlackBerry “Uwan” 9810 launching in Q2 of 2011. It still says the device runs BlackBerry OS 6.1 so it is definitely a month old if not more. On the other hand this means RIM was gearing up for a Q2 2011 release which ends in June so it might not be crazy to think we will see the Torch 2 in a June/July or maybe even August time frame. The odd part is that RIM announced the BlackBerry Bold 9900 yet did not mention any of these other devices officially…

What do you think of this rumored roadmap?

via PocketNow via N4BB

More Blackberry Torch 2

blackberry-torch-2-0011We have seen quite a few pictures lately of the BlackBerry 9810 AKA Torch 2 recently and today Sean let us know that TechnoBufffalo has posted more images of this device. I noticed that this device is running OS which is lower than the ones we seen leaked this last couple of days.

One additional feature that we will see with OS 7 is voice enabled universal search.  As you can see on the picture above it references the feature but it is not enabled on this device.

The Torch 2 looks pretty much like the Torch 9800 with better specs including more memory and faster processor.

Personally I am waiting for the 9900, but none the less it is always nice to see leaked images and the guys are likely to post some video walk through of the device later on.

Check out the pictures below or head over to their website for a full gallery. If you are wondering why there is tape on the device, the reason is that RIM probably has etched a number to the device since this is a pre production device.


Source: TechnoBuffalo and Berryreview

OS7.0.0.104 for the Blackberry Bold Touch 9930

It is kind of funny to see an OS out in the wild for devices that are yet to be released. For those lucky enough to have a pre-release 9930 here is OS v7.0.0.104.  Not much you can do with this OS but some of you that like to dig into the workings of the OS you can download the file from the following links:

The 9930 is the CDMA version of the Bold Touch, but from what we are hearing it will be a while before we see these new devices on sale through your local retailer.

Warning: Do not try to load these OS on other devices as it is intended only for the device mentioned above.

Source: N4BB

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