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BlackBerry PlayBook drops to $199 in Best Buy & Staples again

playbook bestbuy

Well as of the weekend, we discovered that the BlackBerry PlayBook has gone on sale once again for $199.  The confirmed retail locations were Staples (which sold out in our region) and Best Buy who had some quantities in stock.  It was interesting to see that there were no tablets left last week in either store and the prices had gone back up.  There’s no telling how long this sale will go on for, so it’s obviously best to get it sooner than later.  Click the links below to check out the sale in each store.  If you discover the sale in any other shops, let us know!


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$1.7 Million Worth of BlackBerry PlayBooks “Fall” of the Back of a Truck


I used to always hear jokes about electronics “Falling” off the back of a truck but this is a bit crazy. Bla1ze @CrackBerry (Thanks Tashanna!) noticed a story about a semi-tractor full of BlackBerry PlayBooks being stolen this past Thursday.The driver coming out of Plainfield, Ontario was transporting 22 pallets of PlayBooks when he went to get something to eat and grab a shower.

Currently the police have no suspects but they have contacted the FBI. I wonder where 22 pallets of PlayBooks would wander off to… More details over at the Hearld Bulletin.


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Verizon Has an App Store Within AppWorld


Verizon App Store showing up in BlackBerry App World

If you’re on Verizon and you fire up BlackBerry App World any time soon, you may notice you now have a dedicated Verizon section to choose from. A lot of folks have reported it now showing up and of course — as you would expect, there are apps listed in there, more specifically apps chosen by Verizon as good apps. Not a whole lot more to say about it really but we figured we’d mention it in case anyone was wondering why it’s now there. Thanks, to everyone who sent it in!


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