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Blackberry Messenger BBM 6.0.1 out of beta


BlackBerry Messenger has been updated with tons of new elements.The BlackBerry Beta Zone has hosted BBM v6.0.1 since last month, If you were in the beta there have only been some small updates.

What’s new?

  • Explore BBM-connected Apps – BBM users will now be able to pull up “Explore BBM-connected Apps” from a menu in the BBM Contacts screen. This action is designed to automate a BlackBerry App World storefront search for “BBM” by redirecting users to a list of up to 25 of the most popular BBM-connected apps available.
  • Sharing App content with your BBM Contacts is easier – Many BBM users have told us that they love sharing app content with their BBM friends who use the same app, but they also wanted to share content with their BBM friends who don’t have the app. BBM v6.0.1 is designed so that you can now share app-specific content with your BBM contacts regardless of whether your contact has the app installed.For example, foursquare users may want to share a tip or badge they’ve recently earned, or Huffington Post users may want to share a breaking news story with their BBM contacts. Your friends or contacts will also be prompted to download the BBM-connected app if they don’t have it installed.
  • Include BBM v5.0 users in application invites – Now you can include even more friends in the fun! You can now invite BBM v5.0 & BBM v6.0 contacts to join in the fun and share BBM-connected app experiences. Your BBM v5.0 contacts will be prompted to download BBM v6.0 in order to access BBM-connected apps. For users new to BBM v6.0 and BBM-connected apps, here’s a quick rundown of some benefits to upgrading (make sure to read our BBM 6: Apps Made Socialblog post for more information).
    • Inviting BBM friends to experience your favorite apps
    • Chatting with BBM contacts from inside BBM-connected apps
    • Discovering apps and updates through friends by browsing their recent profile updates of their contacts profile

Download BBM 6.0.1 in  App World! The update is still not showing for all at this time.


T-Mobile BlackBerry Torch 9810 Dummy Units Arriving

T-Mobile BlackBerry Torch 9810

We have already seen multiple confirmations that the BlackBerry Torch 9810 slider was coming to T-Mobile. Now we just got an image from on of our tipsters holding a dummy unit of the 9810 branded with T-Mobile’s logo. The pic is a bit overexposed but you get the picture… :)

Here is to hoping it comes on the currently rumored November 9th launch date!

source: berryreview

Porsche designed BlackBerry to be officially announced October 27th

BlackBerry Knight

Some have called it hideous, some have called it beautiful and back when it first appeared — its legitimacy was questioned thoroughly. But come October 27th, all will be revealed for the device known as the BlackBerry Bold 9980 aka BlackBerry ‘Knight’. RIM have sent out invites to At.Mosphere, in Burj Khalifa, Dubai — the Worlds tallest building, where they will show off the exclusive collaboration between RIM and Porsche Design.

Source: TBreak via: BB.In




source: crackberry

Global Blackberry Services Back Up

Blackberry rejoicing over Blackberry services coming back.  RIMs Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis said today Blackberry service has been restored back to normal.  If you are still being delayed to your Blackberry device, please do a battery pull.  We can all rejoice now, life has meaning.


RIM Founder and Co-CEO Mike Lazaridis on the BlackBerry Service Outage [Oct. 13, 2011]

RIM Compares the Blackberry Torch 9800 to 9810

RIM Comparing Blackberry Bold 9700 to 9900

Blackberry Services Down Again in EMEA Region


Bold 9900 sleeping

Following yesterday’s crippling outage in Europe, Middle East and Africa, it seems that the BlackBerry Internet Service may be down again. Although service did resume late last night, there have been signs that the service is down again already today. I for one have not received any emails on my BlackBerry in the past few hours and BBM messages are not going through at this time either.

Are you in the EMEA region and currently having BIS problems yet again? Hit us up in the comments and let us know where you stand. Hopefully today’s outage will not last as long as yesterday’s one — we’ll be sure to keep you updated if we find out more.

source: crackberry

More Games By EA for the Blackberry Playbook

EA Games

After having been one of the official launch partners for the BlackBerry PlayBook and launching their subsequent release of Dead Space, EA Games has once again showed their commitment to the BlackBerry Tablet OS platform by now having released The Game of Life, Sim City Deluxe and Bejeweled 2 in BlackBerry App World. All three games available now for purchase with The Game of Life, Sim City Deluxe costing $6.99 and Bejeweled 2 costing $2.99. You can find more infor for each at BlackBerry App World or jump into the CrackBerry Forums to discuss the new releases.

More info at BlackBerry App World

source: crackberry

Blackberry Bold 9900 is not Camera Shy But is Dressed in White

White Bold 9900

We have heard rumors of the Bold 9900 appearing in white and until now we have not seen any images. The image of the Bold 9900 in white really does not suprise me, but it does bring up the question “Did someone just recase this Bold to make it white”? That is my question.

I have refurbished/recase many BlackBerry’s in my time so in my opinion this is what happened with this white Bold 9900. As you can see from the image there are now BlackBerry logo’s with the exclusion of the menu key. The 9900 here on this post looks to be just a refurb. what do you think? The 9900 was said to be spotted Dubai, United Arab Emirates at a technical exhibition. Please feel free to tell us what you think.


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