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Leaked OS6.0.0.526 for the BlackBerry Bold 9780

Download Leaked OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9780: here

Warning: This OS will not install on any other BlackBerry besides the one mentioned above and is not an official release.If you do not know how to upgrade your BlackBerry OS please start by reading this step by step guide.Don’t forget to delete the vendor.xml file located in c:program files>common files>research in motion>apploader to install it on a different carriers device. Don’t forget our usual warnings: do not download and install these updates if you don’t know what you’re doing. Incorrect procedure or just bad luck could render your BlackBerry inoperative or unstable


Free BlackBerry Theme for the 9650, 9700 and 9780 by Al3azim

If you want a functional theme for your 9650 or 9700 that is also classy looking, grab a copy of Al3azim’s Gradient. The theme has just been released to the masses and it is FREE, as are all of Al3azim’s themes. After using Gradient, you may just stop your theme searching because everything you need is here.

Capture on 03 06 2011 09 35 28 Gradient  a New FREE Theme for BlackBerry Bold 9650, 9700 and 9780 by Al3azimGradient6 home screen showing user-selected wallpaper 

For more screen shots and information on the Gradient, click here

Let’s examine the home screen. There are a dozen shortcuts on the home screen alone, arranged in a clean and easy-to-read theme. The 5 shortcuts on the bottom of the screen lead to the hidden dock (Apps), Contacts, Messages , Media folder and BBM. The date leads to the Calendar, the signal meter to Manage Connections. There are more: the profiles icon leads to Sound Profiles, the battery meter to Options, the clock to Clock Options, and the notification bar to the Today Screen. There is also a weather slot (OCD) slot on the home screen. And to navigate it all, your focus icon is a cute little BB logo.

Capture on 03 06 2011 09 36 13 Gradient  a New FREE Theme for BlackBerry Bold 9650, 9700 and 9780 by Al3azimHere is the 8 icon-hidden dock which contains large icons. 

Clicking on the Apps shortcut from the home screen brings up the 8 icon-hidden dock. The icons are full-size, so everything is readable. That brings the total of icons and shortcuts available BEFORE going to the apps screen to 20. Where else would you find a theme that is clean and readable like Gradient that also allows you 20 icons and shortcuts?

In keeping with his clean themes, Al3azim has left the apps screen devoid of wallpaper; a black background makes it very easy to see all your icons. The theme is gender-friendly, as are all his themes and also wallpaper-friendly. Take a look at my girly screen:

Capture on 03 06 2011 19 33 02 Gradient  a New FREE Theme for BlackBerry Bold 9650, 9700 and 9780 by Al3azimThis theme is wallpaper-friendly. 

One of the most clever things about this theme is the focus icon. In the home screen you can see the little BB logo. When choosing an icon, it is a box with four logos; one in each corner!

Capture on 03 06 2011 14 52 31 Gradient  a New FREE Theme for BlackBerry Bold 9650, 9700 and 9780 by Al3azimInnovative focus icon 

Al3azim has 8 themes for OS6 currently available and this 9th one is a gem. All of his themes are different styles but they all are built the same way; functional shortcuts, readable text, and flawless operation. You can just tell that this one is going to be a favorite of many!  Oh and remember it’s FREE. If you like a developer’s work, let him/her know by sending feedback (or donations)!  If you download and install Gradient, let me know what you think about it. Sound off in the comments please!

Download Gradient6 for Bold 9700 and 9650 and 9780 running OS6 FREE

Download Gradient for 9700, 9650 running OS5 FREE

source: BBE

Leaked BlackBerry Bold 9780 OS6.0.0.480

Yesterday we saw this same OS leak out but the OS file was corrupted. It seems as though the new leaked OS is perfect.

Download BlackBerry Bold 9780 OS

***OS Disclaimer***: This is a leaked OS and therefore it is not certified by RIM or your carrier. If you are not comfortable loading a leaked OS please do not attempt. If you do decide to load this OS make sure you have a current backup file saved. does accept any responsibility for any damages or loss of data caused to your device

source: BerryReview

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