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Official BlackBerry Bold 9700 OS6.0.0.461

Good news, Bold 9700 users. Telus has released a new official OS, this time it’s version for the Bold 9700. No changelog or news about what’s new, but I’m sure bug fixes are included so it’s definitely worth trying out. Make sure you backup your phone before you install this new update, and leave us your findings and fixes in the forums!

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Private Demo of the BlackBerry PlayBook

ITS HERE ITS HERE, BlackBerry OS6 Beta is here for T-mobile 9700

If you are a BlackBerry Beta Zone subscriber and have a BlackBerry Bold 9700, 9780 or BlackBerry Curve 9300, you might have been asked to register for an upcoming OS6 beta for these device. I know I was as soon as I logged in. I’m on T-Mobile and have a 9700 lying around to use for this beta. It’s good to see T-Mobile letting RIM use their customers test out an OS before it’s release. I hope other cellular providers do the same, that way we can get a good release of an OS. I believe customer feed back is a hundred times better than and internal testing. As you can see from the picture below the beta OS6.0.0.448 for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is out and ready to be tested

I’ll be honest I would rather get a beta release from RIM than from Hotfiles, rapidshare, megaupload, or zshare lol kidding, than from an unknown source. I do take my risk when installing a leaked OS, but I understand the risk. Now with T-Mobile and RIM letting existing customers test this OS before it release to the public, is great for us leak OS installs. If this works out well I believe more beta OS will be released this way. Crossing my fingers lol.

If you haven’t signed up yet here is the link: Sign up today and get a heads up on any beta’s available of apps for your BlackBerry.

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