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BlackBerry Mini Keyboard Demonstration

This video walks through the various features and physical attributes of the BlackBerry Mini keyboard, including the convertible case for BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. Learn how to pair your BlackBerry Mini Keyboard with your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, learn about the three major functions of the keyboard touchpad, navigation through the BlackBerry PlayBook OS using the keyboard, and other useful shortcuts.


Could This Be RIMs New BB10 Device “Blackberry Blade”

BlackBerry Blade - A BlackBerry 10 concept[click above for larger image]

Wow wow WOW! Just wrapping up the day and this came across the old CrackBerry Tip line. The image above came from Toronto Design Firm Pixelcarve and totally made my day. Seen here is the BlackBerry Blade – their idea of what the first BlackBerry 10 device could look like. Though with a trackpad and BlackBerry menu and back keys this feels more like it should be a next generation BlackBerry 7 (or 8) Smartphone than one running on the QNX-based OS. I’m don’t think we’ll be seeing these buttons on BlackBerry 10 phones (like the PlayBook, BB10 phones will likely be more focused on the swipe experience and touch UI).

Regardless, as far as concept sliders go it’s totally hot. The concept features an amazing 4.5 inch AMOLED display, quad-core 1.5GHz processor, Gorilla Glass and a 12MP camera. While the latest rumors are that the first BlackBerry 10 device won’t have a keyboard, this slider is still pretty awesome.

What do you think – should the BlackBerry Blade be RIM’s first BlackBerry 10 device? Or do you want something else like the BlackBerry London? Sound off in the comments!

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Pictures Leaked of BBM Dedicated Button for New Blackberry 9320

blackberry-9320-2_2This device may not be revolutionary based on the specs, but one of the coolest new addition to it is the dedicated BBM button. RIM did away with some of the side convenience keys and now they are adding one back, a BBM button. BBM has been a huge success for RIM and now they are making it even easier to use with a dedicated button. This looks to be the first device to sports it.  The device is going to support OS 7.1, with a 512MB of RAM. An EDOF Camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and according to some leaked slides from before the device should be out in the next month or so in emerging markets.


Source: CB and BR

BeWeather HD Finally Here for the Blackberry Playbook

Unofficial App by ScRapps Updated v1.3.0

Book Reader for EPUB and Kindle Books Updated v1.3.5

BerryWeather Updated v2.6.17

Blackberry Bold 9900 and Torch 9860 OS updated

We haven’t seen many leaks come to the surface lately, but on the first day of Spring, we get 2!  OS for the 9860 and the 9900 both leaked this morning! Continue reading for the links.Here is the link for the Torch 9860 and here is the link for the Bold 9900.  And as always please read the disclaimer before proceeding to install this on your device.

Warning: This OS will not install on any other BlackBerry besides the one mentioned above and is not an official release.If you do not know how to upgrade your BlackBerry OS please start by reading this step by step guide.Don’t forget to delete the vendor.xml file located in c:program files>common files>research in motion>apploader to install it on a different carriers device. Don’t forget our usual warnings: do not download and install these updates if you don’t know what you’re doing. Incorrect procedure or just bad luck could render your BlackBerry inoperative or unstable.

Source: NerdBerry via N4BB

EA Games 50% off Sale going on Now for Playbook

Blackberry Traffic Updated to v3.0.2.18 for Smartphones

What’s New?
•Fixed a text UI bug
•Fixed a power management bug

Full Description
With lots of places to go and people to see, planning to get places on time can be a challenge. Thanks to BlackBerry® Traffic 3.0, you can know your estimated time of arrival (ETA) based on current traffic conditions, and find out about alternate routes to avoid hold ups and toll booths. Plus, new voice guidance provides stress-free navigation and allows you to travel completely hands free; with the option to have clear voice instructions come through a Bluetooth headset or your vehicle’s sound system, and deliver turn-by-turn directions if you want them. In fact, you can make them as detailed as you like! Finally, when you know your ETA, you can keep your contacts updated via SMS, email, or PIN so they know when to expect you. Making – and keeping – plans just got a whole lot easier.

System Requirements
* Activation with data plan including Internet browsing capability
* A GPS-equipped device
* BlackBerry® Maps installed

Download it here