How to Side Load PlayBook Apps (Windows Only)

blackberry playbookRIM seems to be going the way of Apple in some respects by forcing all PlayBook downloads to go through App World. For developers and users who want to get the apps on their PlayBook without using App World, there’s a side loading process that should help you out. The following guide comes courtesy of CMY in the Support Forums, who has been gracious to type up some instructions and distribute a .bat file you’ll need. Click through for the guide. Remember, this is only for Windows.

1. Your PC must have Java JRE Installed. Download here.

2. Turn ON Development Mode on your Playbook (Settings > Security > Development Mode)

3. Connect your PlayBook to PC using microUSB Cable, or Connect your Playbook to the same WiFi network as your PC.

4. Obtain Playbook IP Address by touching Development Mode Icon on PlayBook. There might be 2 IPs if you connect PB with PC by Cable and they are also on the same WiFi network, then just pick 1 to use.

5. Place Playbook app .bar file into the “pbapps” directory.

6. Edit file “install.bat” and change 3 fields as below:

  • Change “playbook-password” to Playbook Password
  • Change “″ to PlayBook IP Address
  • Change “” to Playbook App Name

7. Double click on “install.bat”

8. Check if the app is installed and runs automatically on Playbook. If not, try again.

NOTE: You can use DOS console to run the install.bat to check if there is error while installation. (Dos Console: Start Menu > Run > type cmd and enter)

Special thanks to CMY from the Support Forums.

Click here to download the ZIP file containing everything you’ll need including the .bat file.

Originally read this in the BerryReview forums.

  1. Awful directions. Not everyone works for geeks squad. I can’t use abbreviations for things and parenthesis need to be in the right spots

  2. Better yet – don’t ever buy PlayBook. It’s the most crappy tablet I saw.

    • You are kidding, right… Playbook is an excelent tablet in terms of Hardware and getting better everyday in terms of software/apps.

  3. It worked fine for me. My only glitch was I had to install 64 bit Java. Once I did that it worked like a charm. Now I have the kindle app running on my PlayBook.

  4. @Joshua, seriously? If you can’t follow basic computer instructions then maybe you shouldn’t do something as “geeky” as side loading. I know this post was awhile back, but that may have been the worst comment I’ve seen given the context. Really couldn’t help it!

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