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Scribbles for the BlackBerry PlayBook has been updated to v3.1.3in App World. SCRIBBLES! is formally know as Doodle Blast and offers a highly addictive game experience on the PlayBook.

Meet the Scribbles!

  • Great, fun physics puzzle with doodle theme.
  • Draw lines to guide the Scribbles into the Box.
  • You have limited ink on each level – use it wisely.
  • There are 90 awesome levels in total and we’re working hard to bring you more!
  • Each level has its’ own background story. Laugh out loud when you’ll see some of those.
  • Obstacles can move around and make a level more challenging.
  • Be careful – the Scribbles can be crushed when they get stuck between moving obstacles.

Enjoy great puzzles, realistic physics, funny, friendly Scribbles. You’re gonna love them :)

Head on over to App World for the update.

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4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook (32GB) Rumored to Launch July 31st for $549.95

PlayBook 4G LTE Canada

RIM has been saying for awhile now that they will be launching the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook. It looks like that time might be shortly upon us according to the latest leak courtesy of MobileSyrup. They have scored a document that shows the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook launching via Bell and other Canadian carriers on Tuesday July 31st, 2012. The Bell document shows the device selling for $549.95 outright without a contract. That sort of jives with some rumors we have been hearing of it selling elsewhere for $350 with a contract.

The 4G BlackBerry PlayBook will only be coming in a 32GB flavor and a 1.5Ghz dual core processor. All the rest of the specs are the same. So I have to ask. Will you be picking up a 4G BlackBerry PlayBook? I am also curious to see what features it launches with.


via BerryReview

4G PlayBook Support added in Desktop Manager for Mac v2.4.0.1

Desktop Manager 24 release notes

We saw RIM sharing builds of Desktop Software v2.4 for Mac to Dev Alpha developers and now it is official. Right after I wrote up about the PC software being updated I happened to check that the Mac team has also released an update. The new v2.4.0.16 is now the official build of Desktop Manager for Mac.

Release Notes Cellular PlayBook

The release notes for this build include support “for the new BlackBerry PlayBook tablets.” It specifically says that BlackBerry Desktop Software “now supports mobile network enabled tablets.” That is one more sign that the 4G PlayBooks are coming soon. Also improved is group to category sync for contacts and the ability to restore a backup created in Desktop Manager for Windows.

You can download Desktop Manager v2.4.0.16 directly from RIM

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Claro Dominican Republic Officially Updates Blackberry Bold 9900 to OS

Bold 9900

Claro Dominican Republic has officially released OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9900. While this is an official release, remember to use caution when updating your device. If you need help along the way, you can head into our help forums or check out some of our BlackBerry 101 articles including How to Install or Upgrade to a new OS. If you do install this OS, hit up the forums thread below for findings, fixes and more discussion. Thanks rroyy!

Download OS for the Bold 9900


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WordPress For BB10 Images


One of my most used apps on my BlackBerry is the WordPress app.  With BlackBerry 10 in development I was really looking forward to getting a WordPress app that was more robust like the Android version.  As you can see in the pics, Automatic the creator of WordPress, have gotten their hands on a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device and they are hard at work on a BlackBerry 10 app.


Now at the moment this version is merely a port of the Android, but that isn’t such as a bad thing as the Android WordPress is the best on any of the big platforms. Hopefully Automatic will bring something new and exciting to the WordPress app with the release of BlackBerry 10, so that those other platforms are jealous of us for a change.

You can check out more screenshots of the app on the WordPress Blog here.


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PlayEpub Book Reader for Blackberry Playbook Updated v1.7.65

ScoreMobile for Blackberry Playbook Updated v1.5.5

Item Description

ScoreMobile, the top worldwide sports app, is now optimized for BlackBerry® PlayBook™ devices. It's a true tablet application, built from the ground up for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™, that fully supports both portrait and landscape modes. .

ScoreMobile is a comprehensive multi-sport app covering top worldwide leagues including MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, EPL and PGA. We provide up-to-the-minute sports scores, stats, news, standings, betting odds and original video commentary.

The perfect sidekick for sports fans, our BlackBerry® PlayBook™ app also offers features for TV companion viewing, including interactive Live Blogs and Twitter streams of sporting events. 

 -Users can personalize favorite teams and data refresh intervals.
 -My Scores provide a single view of fave teams and user-selected games
 -Game start times are customized based on device time zone setting.
 -Log-in and share scores and news via Twitter or Facebook

Score Mobile is affiliated with theScore Television Network (theScore TV).

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Animated Weather HD + VOICE for BlackBerry PlayBook Updated to v4.8

animated weather app for blackberry playbook

We have covered the Animated Weather App a few times and it’s nice to see that it continues to improve. Andrei let us know about that latest update that adds 7 day weather forecast, millions of new locations available, a weather map gallery including temperature maps, satellite and radar for clouds and also the possibility to add your own URL as a weather map.

Here are the details:
– You can add an unlimited number of cities
– Very good international and USA locations support because it uses 3 different location providers simultaneously
– Weather maps for any country(International support) including clouds layer, temperature maps
– You can add your own URL to display such as webcam, other maps, etc.
– This is the only app for PlayBook™ that has international weather map support!
– UNIQUE feature: Weather Voice! – the application reads to you the weather, temperature and current condition! The quality of voice, pronunciation is like SIRI assistant on Iphone™.
– How it feels temperature(RealFeel)
– 7 days forecast
– Humidity
– Ultraviolet index and skin cancer risk meter(like “High risk”,”No risk” etc.)
– Wind Speed and Direction
– Probability of Rain
– Fahrenheit / Celsius scales (metric/imperial units)
– Beautiful HD background slideshow with pictures that change according to current weather conditions (HD Videos are coming in next update)
– Manual refresh button
– Offline Mode(It will still display the last retrieved weather even if you don’t have an Internet connection at some times)

Price 3.99 (Current Sale Price) Limited Time

Animated Weather HD for BlackBerry PlayBook in App World Here.

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A Dreamy Blackberry 10 Concept by TK Discovery


It is concept time once again and what a beauty this one is. Created by DigitalHomeBoy, the TK 3.0 Discovery is clearly what he would like to see from a BlackBerry 10 all touch screen device. We have seen a couple of concepts in the past few months, one with a hardware QWERTY keyboard and another just touch, and they all look great. With BlackBerry 10 arriving shortly after the New Year (hopefully) we all now know for sure that both styles of phone will be available without too much of a gap between them, unlike RIM’s original plan where BB10 was expected this year, not next.

If what we end up with looks remotely like this concept I will be more than happy. I’m not sure be will see hardware with the screen all the way to the edge of the device without a bezel (on the right and left) but I’m digging what DigitalHomeBoy has done with the back of the design.

The only downside to seeing concepts like this is that it makes the wait so much harder. Roll on Q1 next year. It’s going to be awesome I suspect.

Nice job DigitalHomeBoy. Keem them coming.

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Patent Granted to RIM for their Blackberry 10 Keyboard

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