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9350 Spotted For Sprint

We reported that the Curve 9350 was being held up in production due to some issues but we found a picture that shows the phone with a Sprint splash screen and the Sprint badging on the device.  We also know that Sprint is hosting an event with RIM and more than likely we will hear a bit more about the release date on this device. Until then, just keep looking at this picture to hold yourself over.



BlackBerry Curve 9360 Dummy Units Start to Arrive at T-Mobile Retail Locations!

We’ve seen the pamphlet, the prepaid poster and we’ve seen a leaked release date that has come and gone and still we don’t know when the Blackberry Curve 9360 will launch. While we await an official announcement T-Mobile retail stores began receiving dummy units this morning which is a typical precursor to actual demo units arriving shortly thereafter. We aren’t going to learn much through these images but they do give you a pretty good idea as to what a T-Mobile Curve 9360 will look like.


BlackBerry Email on QNX Might Not be Push

N4BB is reporting that the new update for the PlayBook that includes native email may not be powered by the BIS/BES system that we all have come to know and love.  RIM had to completely rebuild the systems that run the email when the implemented the QNX software that runs the PlayBook.  There will be separate software to drive the email on the PlayBook that will allow for BES access as well as the ability to use ActiveSync with the PlayBook.

While it might come as a surprise to some, abandoning the “norms” when it comes to email might just allow RIM to include support for Apple/Android support in the future.  The email setup will be more along the lines of what users expect with Android and Apple phones.  There might be a refresh to the system that will allow the “push” email that made BlackBerry what it is today available in the future.


RIM Confirms Blackberry Playbook Charger, Charges Blackberry Smartphone 2x Faster!

Well this is something that I kinda knew, because I have charged my phone with my Playbook charger, RIM has confirmed via their shop Blackberry page that the Blackberry Playbook Charge can and will charge your Blackberry Smartphone.

“Compatible with BlackBerry® smartphones with a micro-USB charging port. Charges smartphones 2x faster than a traditional smartphone charger”

I won’t get into the all the technical details all about the specific amount of mAh or any of that but it is welcoming to know that such charging speeds can be achieve with the Blackberry Playbook Charger.


BBM Music Updated to v1.0.0.93 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone!

BBM Music has been updated to v1.0.0.93 in the BlackBerry Beta Zone!

What’s New?

  • Stop button in media player
  • Buy button now checks for available music store if none is installed
  • Improved performance: limit is raised to 200 contacts!!!
  • Many various bug fixes

Known Issues

  • Missing focus – can’t enter characters
  • Can’t enter any characters or delete on the search text field when the focus is on ‘Shuffle’ in All Songs
  • Device in preview mode (blocked state customers will see on first install before entering payment info) can not add contact’s songs to custom playlists
  • Duplicate comments in timeline
  • BBM music unable to connect to BBM
  • Long delay while adding song to playlist
  • clicking email invitation URL does not launch BBM Music
  • After a song is added to My Songs, a short clip plays instead of full songs
  • Frequently unable to preview song over GPRS or EDGE
  • Takes too long to save playlist info
  • Built-In Memory option is shown for a device that does not have built-in memory
  • Screen overlap while refreshing
  • ‘Can I Get A..’ by Jay-Z Does not have explicit content label
  • Get an incorrect error message on second try of BBM invite
  • Currently keeps messages of removed BBM Music contacts
  • [Other] Input system error for filtering songs in a playlist on Stratus as well as any device using the virtual keyboard

Head on over to the BlackBerry Beta Zone and grab the update!

source: nerdberry

BlackBerry Bold 9980 R47 Caught Fraternizing with a Bold 9900

Bold 9980 by Bold 9900 pics Bold 9980 by Bold 9900 pics 2

The odd BlackBerry Bold 9980 R47 concept phone has reared its head again in China. It now has a photoshoot next to a T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9900 for comparison. Nothing really new here but you can now see how similar or different the devices look. Let us know if you spot anything!


Bold 9980 by Bold 9900 pics 3 Bold 9980 by Bold 9900 pics 4

Bold 9980 by Bold 9900 pics 5 Bold 9980 by Bold 9900 pics 6

Bold 9980 by Bold 9900 pics 7 Bold 9980 by Bold 9900 pics 8

Bold 9980 by Bold 9900 pics 9 Bold 9980 by Bold 9900 pics 10

via bjxiaoc via PocketBerry

Battles On BBM Game Updates to v1.0.5

AccuWeather App for Blackberry Update to v1.1.10

Pandora for BlackBerry gets updated to v1.1.11 and now includes BlackBerry 7 support

While BBM Music has taken off with many BlackBerry users, there are still those of you that prefer other music clients.  One of the more popular is Pandora and we have been waiting for BlackBerry 7 devices to get support, well the wait is over.  The updated version of 1.1.11 now includes BB7 support, and while not in BlackBerry Appworld yet, you can head over to the Pandora site for a direct download of the latest version.  As a note remember that si you are not in the US, like myself, Pandora is most likely not going to work for you.


BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac v2.2 – Now in the Beta Zone!

BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac has been updated to v2.2. The last update was back on Aug 17th to v2.1.2.8.

Features In Focus

You can now preview and test some of the features and improvements that are currently available in our beta software with your BlackBerry smartphone and tablet. We ask that you please focus your use and testing in the following areas:

  • Installation: Were you able to successfully install the software on your Mac? Were you satisfied with the time it took to complete the full installation?
  • Device Summary Screen: Does the software recognize your device and provide the information you expect to see? What do you think of the design and usability of this screen?


  • Organizer: Synchronize your personal data (Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks) between your BlackBerry smartphone and Mac.
  • Backup and Restore: Automatically or manually backup and restore your data, or clear content. In addition to your BlackBerry smartphone, Backup & Restore your PlayBook!
  •  Applications: Add or remove applications on your device and update your software using the ‘Check for Updates’ option.
  • Media Sync: Synchronize your music, pictures and videos with your BlackBerry smartphone or PlayBook.
Get DM v2.2 for Mac from BlackBerry Beta Zone here. Note: this version is currently only available for users in North America.

Download BlackBerry Desktop Software for Mac v2.2 via


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