RIM Updating Blackberry 10 DevAlpha Device.


Here’s some interesting news that we are hearing! Wayne over in the BlackBerry Beta Zone forums just told us know that an update for the BB10 Developer Alpha devices should be available next week. I wonder what this will add o!

According to them:

The good news is that the new Desktop Software 7.1 build should be ready anytime now and developers have implemented fixtures to the software loading on your Alpha devices.
The bad news is the new Alpha build for your devices won’t be ready till next week (it is handled by another team) so in the meantime it will still say “no updates available”.

You can read the full discussion here: https://beta.webapps.blackberry.com/threads/view/10839?pg=0

We know that the internal builds of BB10 are up to around 10.0.8, already have (no not a rumour) to have a lot of features working that aren’t currently available for the Dev Alpha. But, hopefully this update will bring some additional enhanced functionality and stability to the Dev Alpha.

Those lucky developers who have the Developer Alpha device, do keep your hands on the check for update button for the release to be released! Let us know what you think!!

Via BerryReview


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