Book Reader for EPUB and Kindle Books Updated v1.3.5


What’s new in this update?
-New functionality in release 1.3.5:
• Improved bulk import functionality. “Select All” button now
selects all subfolders and book import process scans through all nested folders for books in all supported formats.

This change improves compatibility with Calibre’s book export and also allows to scan all PlayBook’s folders for books at
once if you wish so.

Book Reader application allows you to manage and read eBooks on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. Currently Book Reader supports DRM-free eBooks in EPUB, MOBI (Kindle), FictionBook FB2, TXT and Microsoft CHM formats, support for other formats will be added in future versions.
Once book file is opened in Book Reader, it will make a copy of the original file in its own book repository. This allows faster response times when books are opened for reading, but may take slightly longer to import a book into the library.
How to import and read a book:
• Navigate any shared data folder on your BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet using Book Reader’s built-in
file explorer.
• Tap on any file with EPUB, MOBI, AZW, PDB, PRC, FB2, FB.ZIP,TXT or CHM extension and import selected book into the library.
• Tap on a book title within the reader to navigate book’s table of content.
• Tap on a page number to navigate the book via page slider.
• Tap on left/right page side to flip to the previous/next page with or without page flip animation.
• Choose any font available on the device for your reader from the settings panel.
• Switch between predefined reader skins. In the custom skin mode you could override standard values
for both font and background colors. Values must be provided in a standard CSS format for both font and background colors.
• Text could be highlighted by the user anywhere in the book. Simply select any text by tap and press your finger, then bookmark
this page. Your text selection will be highlighted until you will delete the bookmark. Selected text is also copied into the annotation field and will be included in bookmark export file.
• Screen orientation could be locked via reader settings independently from the system global setting.
• Tap on delete button to switch into the delete mode when browsing the library. Tap on the book to
delete it from the library.

Book Reader will remember where you were when application was closed and will take you there when started again or switch back from another book.

We do everything we could to test our application with eBooks from different sources, but, because of the forgiving nature of eBook formats that do not put a lot of restrictions on book creators, some eBooks may fail to open in the Book Reader. Please help us improve our application and report such books via our e-mail.
We would also appreciate any ideas and suggestions how Book Reader could be made better or what functionality you would like to see in a future release. E-mail us at

PLEASE: if you have ANY problem with Book Reader and want us to help you resolve it, don’t write about it in the application feedback – there is no way we could contact you back for more details. Send us an e-mail with problem description and we WILL resolve it ASAP.

Follow application development progress on Twitter (@UntangledDev):!/UntangledDev
NOTE: Please contact us if you have any issues with displaying CHM files. This functionality is still under
development and we need some negative test cases.

Release notes:
* Issues resolved in release 1.3.3:
• Reader’s renderer for Kindle formats (MOBI, PDB, PRC, etc) was broken because of the changes in OS2, which caused app crashes. You would need to delete/re-import MOBI books into the library again.
* Issues resolved in release 1.3.4:
• Dark font color when using the dark skin. The reader was failing to override text color forced inside book’s CSS.

Download it in AppWorld



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