RIM sending out surveys asking about “lockscreens” and “enhanced search

lockscreen survey RIM

I seem to remember seeing this a little while ago, and I swear that one of my beta zone surveys covered this area in someway, but ti seems that RIM has been sending out surveys to select BlackBerry users to get their views on lockscreens, widgets, enhanced search and the like.  With QNX “superphones” coming at some point in the next “insert time frame here”, we do have to expect that RIM is looking at what makes other platforms appealing and how they can include some of that into the BlackBerry eco-system.

The ability to set up some widgets on my BlackBerry wasn’t something I longed for until I started to use an Android device as well.  Personally I think that RIM does need to look into how they can make a more visually appealing operating system that includes lockscreens, and all  the other crazy stuff the kids are into these days.  The important thing that we hope RIM keeps in mind is that copying another platform outright won’t help things, rather they need to look at Android and iOS and establish what they can make better and focus on them.  For instance the swipe gestures that can be found on the BlackBerry PlayBook are a MUST HAVE for the QNX phones that RIM releases, has they are something that aren’t truly found on another os.

Let us just hope that we will see something very new and exciting at DevCon this year as we are expecting RIM to show off early models of the QNX “superphones”.  What do all of you think of a BlackBerry with a lockscreen, widgets and a live wallpaper?  Please let us know by dropping us a comment.

source: nerdberry



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