Photo: Native BBM Coming Soon to Blackberry Playbook

PlayBook BBM Screenshot

Could it be that RIM is leaking a screenshot of the native version of BlackBerry Messenger for the PlayBook on their App World landing page? BBEmpire noticed this screenshot on the bottom of the RIM App World page and it sure looks like the BlackBerry PlayBook App World showing a BBM app for installation. The screenshots might be from the Bridge BBM app but the uninstall button hints that it is actually the BBM native app. Oddly the version of the app is 1.0.7 which will probably change drastically when native apps come and what is with that license key? Let us know if you can make out anything interesting in the description. The squinting is hurting my eyes…

source: berryreview


About Edwin Gomez

I'm a son, brother, friend, husband, father, gamer and a addict to my BlackBerry. Been addicted to my BlackBerry since the BlackBerry Pearl(8100) when it can out on T-Mobile. I love everything about BlackBerry.

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