(Open Beta) SpeedNotes – A fast and convenient note taking application

Capture on 08 07 2011 21 36 17 (Open Beta) SpeedNotes   A fast and convenient note taking applicationCapture on 08 07 2011 21 36 00 (Open Beta) SpeedNotes   A fast and convenient note taking application

SpeedNotes by Gray Matter Apps

SpeedNotes began as an app that addressed a need I had personally, I’ve always detested paper and like the idea of using the convenience of my BlackBerry for taking and storing notes of all kinds. MemoPad gets the job done, but always seemed inconvenient in as much as having to create a new empty note and name it each time I wanted to record something. Often, I find myself wanting to record something quickly and then return to whatever I’m doing and be able to come back to it later without a) remembering to save and b) having to leave an application open. Sometimes I would also want to take notes that I didn’t need to keep permanently either.

SpeedNotes addresses this need by providing an instant and persistent note taking environment where immediately upon launching the app you are presented with a note area, ready for typing into. SpeedNotes takes care of ensuring your notes are saved to your BB’s storage as you are working on them and loading the current note into the note area as soon as SpeedNotes is launched. Effectively, you can launch SpeedNotes, enter some information, then just press ESC to close the application. Later, you can launch SpeedNotes again and your note will be automatically loaded back into the application. – Via Russell

When your note is complete, you have several choices:

– Clear the note and start again.
– Save the note to a MemoPad memo.
– Send the note to an email or PIN message recipient.
– Copy the note to your BlackBerry’s clipboard.

You can download SpeedNotes OTA 0.2.2 beta OTA at the below link:

SpeedNotes v0.2.2 beta OTA

Minimum OS level is 5.0.

source: BBEmpire


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