RIM Publishes PlayBook Bridge Desktop Install Files; AT&T Users Get Official BlackBerry Bridge

Well, Well, Well Looky here RIM has gone behind AT&T’s back and published the BlackBerry Bridge app install files via desktop PC.  Here is what RIM has to say:

AT&T BlackBerry users should contact AT&T for information regarding pricing for the BlackBerry Bridge feature.

Install the BlackBerry ® Bridge Application using BlackBerry ® Desktop Manager:

1. Download the  BlackBerry® Bridge™ application (the files are attached)
2. Connect the  BlackBerry® smartphone to a computer
3. In the BlackBerry® Desktop Software, click Applications
4. When the application list is populated, click Import files to browse to the  BlackBerry® Bridge™ application file (.alx).
5. In the Applications Summary pane, the application should be listed to install
6. Click Apply.

Hit the break for more info and to download the BlackBerry Bridge app:

BlackBerry Enterprise Administrators can also deploy the BlackBerry Bridge application over the air using software configuration:

To deploy the  BlackBerry® Bridge™ application over-the-air using a BlackBerry Enterprise Server software configuration, refer to the section entitled “Sending software and BlackBerry Java Applications to BlackBerry devices” in the ‘BlackBerry Enterprise Server – Administration Guide’.

Access to BlackBerry® Bridge™ can be controlled through a BlackBerry Enterprise Server IT policy. If you are a BlackBerry Enterprise server user and are experiencing problems accessing or using BlackBerry® Bridge™, please contact your internal IT Department to determine if this IT policy is being enforced on your BlackBerry smartphone. If you are an IT Administrator and you wish to enforce the IT policy for BlackBerry® Bridge™, please refer to BlackBerry Technical Solution Center article KB26294 for instructions.

AT&T BlackBerry® users should contact AT&T for information regarding pricing for the BlackBerry® Bridge™ feature.

You can learn more and grab the install files at this link.



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I'm a son, brother, friend, husband, father, gamer and a addict to my BlackBerry. Been addicted to my BlackBerry since the BlackBerry Pearl(8100) when it can out on T-Mobile. I love everything about BlackBerry.

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