RIM Offers Its Own 2YR Protective Plan

New BlackBerry PlayBook owners may have missed out on the fact that you are entitled to 90 days of complimentary support directly from RIM. You can get support by phone or email by simply filling in your serial number in the form at this link or calling 1-877-644-8410 in the US or 1-877-644-8405 in Canada. I know a few people who have made use of the feature and found it really useful for getting started especially in cases where store salespeople were less than helpful. I have not heard of a way to extend the complimentary support but maybe RIM will offer it soon.

On the other hand all BlackBerry PlayBooks ship with a 1 year warranty from RIM. RIM also teamed up with SERVICE NET to offer an extended 2 year warranty that also covers the device from “Mechanical Failures and Accidental Damage from Handling.” If you are like me you are probably wondering what Accidental Damage from Handling means so here is their definition:

Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) covers accidents that may occur during the normal handling of the product. Common ADH type of issues includes drops, spills and cracked screens.

That extended 2 year warranty is transferable if you sell your PlayBook and costs $129 though I have yet to meet anybody who has purchased it. You can sign up for the extended warranty at this link.

source: berryreview


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