GeeReader for PlayBook Updated v1.0.7

GeeReader is a Google reader App for the Playbook, which allows you to keep all of you favorite blog  RSS feeds in one place.  GeeReader was realeased for the Blackberry PlayBook at launch.  In my opinion is one of the best RSS readers for the Playbook as of right now.  This updated bring a new feature and some bug fixes.

GeeReaders has the following features:

– Syncdirectly with Google Reader. Use your Gmail account to login in. Star, Like, and share Feed Items.  Mark all items in the feed as read.  Sort feed item by “newest first” or “oldest first.”  view the full article in a maximized window by tapping on the detail panel title bar.

New Feature v1.0.7

The article title in the article detail popup window is now a clickable link.  You can now view the full orginial article in the systems browser when you click on the article title.

Bug Fixes

-Fixes a compatibilty issue with the blogger feed subscriptions that was preverting the app fromloading.

-Fixed the “keep unread” function.

check it out here


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