Hands On With Word to Go on the BlackBerry PlayBook


I actually started writing up this article on my PlayBook and only stopped when I realized I needed to be able to embed images. The BlackBerry PlayBook ships with a full suite of office apps with my favorite being Word to Go. This is the FULL version of Word to Go from DataViz (which RIM purchased parts of) and lets you both edit and create word documents. That is pretty cool since most other devices need to purchase a suite to be able to edit and open Office documents. The PlayBook version of Word to Go is capable of opening up both Word *.doc and *.docx documents though when you create a new file it smartly uses *.doc for compatibility.

IMG_00000257 IMG_00000258

You can clearly see how Copy and Paste works just by holding down your finger on the screen. It looks a bit different in applications like the browser but more or less acts the same.

IMG_00000259 IMG_00000260

I am really loving the app though it does have one critical flaw that is apparent throughout the BlackBerry PlayBook OS. It does not have spell checking or AutoText which is something I rely on heavily on my BlackBerry smartphone. I spoke to a friend at RIM and heard that it is a high priority to add that ASAP though he would not tell me a timeline.

IMG_00000261 IMG_00000262

As you can see there is a whole slew of options making this a nice text editor. I wish it would have some integration with cloud services but I am hoping SugarSync comes out with their own app ASAP. On the other hand I have found the SugarSync website to work perfectly on the PlayBook browser.

IMG_00000263 IMG_00000264 IMG_00000265 IMG_00000266 IMG_00000267 IMG_00000268 IMG_00000269 IMG_00000270 IMG_00000271 IMG_00000272 IMG_00000273 IMG_00000274 IMG_00000275 IMG_00000276 IMG_00000277 IMG_00000278 IMG_00000279 IMG_00000280 IMG_00000281

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