MyFeeds Beta v1.0.0 with New UI

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Keeper has posted an update to his free RSS reader app MyFeeds in the forums asking for users to provide feedback. The new version adds a load of features including a new UI along with one way Google Reader sync and more shortcut keys. Its a pretty cool app but requires OS 5.0+.


MyFeeds3 MyFeeds4

The new version 1.0 adds:

  • New UI, New mechanism.
  • Press these keys combination with appropriate functions:
    • Alt + U: Move RSS Up on the List
    • Alt + D: Move RSS Down on the List
    • Alt + T: Move RSS to Top of the List.
    • Alt + B: Move RSS to Bottom of the List.
  • Caching Brief/Summary layer.
  • Auto Sync one-way with Google Reader if you have.(You have to know what Google Reader is. ;)
  • Press R for manually refresh feeds list in case you want to.

This version is still using Keepers Vietnamese server so it may be a bit slower in the US and other locals but hopefully that will be fixed soon. Still you might want to keep that into consideration when using your Google account for Google Reader synching.

MyFeeds5 MyFeeds6

Other notes include:

  • Support OS 5.0+ only
  • Your device MUST have SDCard inside.
  • Your device MUST have working internet connection(Auto prefer WiFi)
  • Can Add as many source as you want until it hangs :)Menu > Add Feed, you need to enter Full RSS Link and click Add button. (Example: or
  • Can Delete source using Del button :)
  • Caching Feed Summary(not images)
  • Auto update new feeds after each 10 minutes if you choose Menu > To Background.
  • View Full detail without invoking default browser.
  • RSS List is stored on the file “rssurllist.txt”. You can edit this file as an RSS source. However the RSS Title should be updated automatically by MyFeeds when it’s fetching feeds. Editing this file would be faster than add RSS manually in MyFeeds.
  • Some bugs are hidden and please feedback then i can make it better.

source: BerryReview


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