HoptSpot Coming To BlackBerrys on OS6.1

RIM has been quiet about the upcoming Mobile Hotspot service coming with the new OS 6.1 line of devices in the next few months. N4BB managed to snag some great slides showing off the feature and confirming a few things I had heard from sources before. It looks like RIM is targeting this plan to devices that already have Tethering plans so you will most likely have to pony up extra to your carrier to use this feature.

Here is a breakdown on the improvements in OS 6.1 to tethering and the addition of the Mobile Hotspot:

  • Mobile Hotspot functionality will allow up to 5 devices to connect to your BlackBerry and use its internet connection
  • Security will be WPA2 Personal by default but you can downgrade it so that should appease enterprise folks
  • It will automatically shut down after a few minutes of inactivity (default 10)
  • If the Wi-Fi on your phone is on hotspot mode you obviously wont be able to use it to connect to another wireless network.
  • Bluetooth does not play nice with the hotspot mode. Bluetooth use will be limited and not send/receive any data while the hotspot mode is in use.
  • Hotspot use will be suspended if you have a Bluetooth headset paired before turning it on and you get a phone call. It will continue working after the call is ended.
  • Carriers have to provision the hotspot feature. Expect AT&T to release it in 2015…
  • Tethering improvements across the board:
    • You will no longer need Desktop Manager for tethering. The interface for tethering will now be on the phone.
    • Carrier APN’s and specific usernames and passwords will be provided automatically to users.
    • Tethering will be supported over Bluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi

BlackBerry OS 6.1 Mobile Hotspot2

BlackBerry OS 6.1 Mobile Hotspot23

There is no word on if you will be able to use the mobile hotspot feature to access your companies network through the BES. That would be a very cool feature!

source: n4bb


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