CDMA BlackBerry’s RoadMap for 2011 With OS6.1, Montana, Monaco, Sedona & Malibu

2011 CDMA Blackberry Roadmap

Wow, where do I even start with this one?! Thanks to @crackberrykevin we have a more clear than ever view of what’s coming down the CDMA pipeline in 2011! After many consecutive GSM device leaks, all I heard was CDMA users complaining…. well, no more!

We all knew the Playbook was coming initially as a Sprint exclusive. Only time will tell when it launches on Big Red, but according to the above slide it seems as though they are aiming for a solid Q2 release of the powerful tablet. The Playbook has been covered more than a few times, so we won’t go much deeper into this one except for the fact that we can’t wait to get our hands on one!

Coming up in early 2011 we have the CDMA devices that many of us have been waiting for, M&M! No, your Blackberry won’t produce free chocolate candies, but you will be able to get your hands on the keyboard/touchscreen combo “Montana” or go the all touch route and grab the Monaco.

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Personally, I’ve always been a keyboard guy. With that being said the Montana might be the excuse that I’ve been waiting for to avoid moving to a touch screen for another 2-yr device cycle. Sure, I’d love the bigger screen, but I’m a stubborn bastard and I just can’t give up my keyboard! And a smooth keyboard similar to the Bold 9000 none the less?! Top if off with a 1.2 gHz processor and 768 MB of RAM and I’m sold. I need a Montana… NOW!

Of course many of you will prefer to go the route of the Monaco (which is no slouch either might I add). In all honesty, if I didn’t have a bad experience with the original Storm 9530 I’d probably jump on this in a heartbeat. RIM would be smart to move away from the “Storm” branding on this one and start from scratch, building a new reputation in the touch device market. Coming equipped with similar technical specs to the Montana and a screen nearly twice the size, we imagine this phone will be a beast in it’s own regard.

What’s that you say? You don’t want to cough up the money for a premium Blackberry device and the up and coming Blackberry Sedona pictured last week just really isn’t for you? You’re in luck! RIM has just the thing for you! Allow me to introduce the new Curve Touch, codenamed the Malibu. As expected, it comes equipped with specs slightly lower than the aforementioned premium devices, but that doesn’t stop this device from having a faster processor than any other Blackberry currently on the market! Tagged as a “entry level device”, this little beauty would make any average consumer happy.

All in all, we think that 2011 should be a pretty decent year for CDMA Blackberry users. Sure, most of us would argue that these devices are late to the market and we’d really prefer them to be available by Q2 of 2011, but patience is a virtue. With Blackberry OS 6 further refined to create a smoother and more fluid Blackberry OS 6.1 combined with the same solid RIM build that we’re used to, these devices should offer above average battery life and the efficiency that we’d expect from a Blackberry. In my opinion this is the perfect stepping stone for RIM to use to reach that QNX Blackberry Superphone that we’re all dying for.

If you had you choice, which CDMA Blackberry would you choose? Are any of these devices enough to make you Droid users come back to the ‘Berry side? What say you GSM users?

For a full slide deck, check out the original scoop at crackberry and driphter.


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